Topic 3 - The archaeology of technology
Danielle Arribet-Deroin
maître de conférences de l’Université Paris I (histoire et archéologie des techniques médiévales et modernes)
Equipe d’histoire des techniques, Lamop-UMR 8589
Florian Téreygeol
chargé de recherches au CNRS
UMR 5060 Institut de Recherche sur les archéomateriaux LMC et UMR 9956 LPS CEA-saclay 
Haio Zimmermann
    The communications may be group around variety of issues case studies: reconstruction of processes, geographically specific technological traditions, innovations and the transmission and diffusion of technology, the communication of technological know-how.
   The studie of these topics can lead to the use of several approaches which may rely on the critical comparison of different sources and analyses of the quality and the level of technology used in the finished products or their by-products wich allow us to qualify and quantify past industrial processes.
Session 1: Mineral extraction, including mining, industrial archaeology and methods
Session 2: The archaeology of fire - hearths, oven, kilns, furnaces, and slags
Session 3: The archaeology of perishable materials - textiles, leather, wood
Session 4: The archaeology of ships and transport
Session 5: The archaeology of waterpower